The city of Virginia Beach is home to 38 miles of shoreline with 28 miles being public beach. From Chic’s Beach to the North End, to the Oceanfront, this area of Hampton Roads has no shortage of amazing spots to spend a day at the beach. The great community of Sandbridge, sometimes referred to as the Outer Banks of Virginia Beach, makes up the southern most stretch of public beach in Hampton Roads and is our personal favorite place to go for a quality beach day.

  Sandbridge Beach is approximately 5 miles long running north/south. It is boarded to the north by the Oceana Dam Neck Annex (US Navy installation), to the west you will find the beautiful Back Bay and to the south is the Back Bay National Wild Life Refuge and False Cape State Park. The community itself has a stress free, beach town vibe to it. No high rise hotels or chain restaurants in Sandbridge, just one stop light and a relaxing local feel everywhere you go. Small business is what it’s all about there and places like the Sandbridge Seaside Market, Baja, and the Sandbridge Island Restaurant make you feel right at home. This is why Sandbridge is popular with locals as well as tourists who come from all over the Eastern Seaboard to vacation there.

  There are two main public beach areas. One is located as soon as you arrive into Sandbridge (I call this area “city center” even though its actually toward the north end) and the other at Little Island Park which is located at the very southern end of the community. Also located at Little Island park is the Sandbridge Fishing Pier. This is my absolute favorite beach to spend time at. It can get a little busy during the summer season, but so does everywhere else. The fishing pier is what makes this area in my opinion. It’s great to set up next to, or under, and watch the waves roll through the pilings and then back out again. There is public parking, shower and bathroom facilities, tennis courts, pavilions and a playground there as well.  

  To the west and south of the Sandbridge community lies Back Bay, the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and False Cape State Park making this one of the absolute best places in our area for outdoor recreation and adventure. We love to paddle board and kayak so that’s our “go to”, but fishing, hiking, camping, and riding bikes are just a few other great activities to get out there and enjoy yourself on a nice day. Of note, False Cape State Park can only be reached by foot, bicycle, or boat. 

  I could go on and on but I think you can see why we love Sandbridge so much and why it is one of Our Favorite Places to Go and Things to Do! If you’re visiting from outside the area or even if you’re a local looking for something to do on a nice day, we highly recommend checking out Sandbridge. 

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There are so many great activities to do here in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area. On a nice day, one of our most favorite places to go is First Landing State Park (formally know as Seashore State Park). First Landing is located in the northern area of Virginia Beach with park entrances off of Shore Dr. and 64th St. The park is home to approximately 20 miles of trail suitable for hiking, running, or even a leisurely walk. Some sections of trail also allow for biking if that’s what you’re looking for. 

Once inside the park, we find ourselves with no shortage of great actives that we love and enjoy. Trail hiking is at the top of list and our favorite hike is a section of the Cape Henry Trail that runs from the 64th St. entrance to the “Narrows” and the 64th St. boat ramp. Most of the trail is located right alongside Linkhorn Bay and is very scenic from start to finish. I guess anytime we can hike a great trail and see the water at the same time is a “win win” for us. We also really enjoy a chill beach day with our paddle boards and kayaks. First Landing has a small stretch of beach on its southern border located on Linkhorn Bay and is accessible through the 64th St. park entrance. The flat water of the bay is generally calm with no waves to deal with when launching kayaks and paddle boards making this location one of our favorite spots for these activities.  

If you’re visiting from outside the area or even if you are a local looking for something exciting to do on a nice day, we highly recommend checking out First Landing State Park. Hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and nature watching are just a few of the many activities to take advantage of at this amazing state park and why it is one of Our Favorite Places to Go and Things to Do! 

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